Kobe beef

Kobe beef



Kobe beef


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Introducing Kobe Classic Beef, producers of the world's most exquisite and tantalizing beef products ever produced. Unlike other beef producers, the product we sell originates from Japanese Wagyu sires and predominantly Angus cross females to create a high quality marbled beef product. Comparing our product to regular beef is like comparing beluga caviar to cheese spread - the taste and quality is simply unmatched!

In addition to clean air and water, our cattle receive a feeding program specially designed to resemble Japanese style feeding with no hormones utilized.

Kobe beef
The beef we sell is becoming increasingly popular at foodservice, partly because it presents a refreshing change from the usual assortment of beef items found on most menus. But the main reason for the growing demand is the taste. Kobe beef is so juicy, velvety smooth and flavorful, it's become the main draw at many establishments in North America. If you're a restaurant with sales figures that could use a shot in the arm, Kobe Classic could very well be the answer. Kobe Beef Kobe Beef Canada Kobe Classic Beef Kobe beef producers worlds most exquisite beef tantalizing beef Japanese Wagyu beef regular beef beef items www.kobeclassic.com  Kobe Beef Steak Kobe style Beef Steak Canadian Kobe Kobe Beef Steak US Kobe Japan Wagyu Wagyu Cattle Wagyu-Angus Japanese Beef USDA Prime Beef Better than Prime Beef Best Beef Tender kobe Beef Natural Beef Hormone-Free Beef Antibiotic Residue-Free Beef Marbling Gourmet Hamburger Natural Hamburger Agri kobe Beef www.wagyucanada.com  www.kobeclassic.com  www.kobebeefcanada.com
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